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Languages made fun with Linguasign


The creation of the stories was guided by clear principles related to vocabulary, story content and signing. LinguaSign enables children (average age 10yrs) to acquire a simple communicative fluency in a foreign language through frequently repeating a series of exchanges (following a turn taking methodology).

The language is linked to the core language curriculum/metalinguistic spine used in primary schools throughout Europe for teaching foreign languages with key vocabulary chosen by its adaptability to ‘iconic’ sign language.

The first stories contain greetings, personal language and simple questions following the conversational style typical of a 10 year old (‘what’s that?’ not ‘what is that’?). Each story contains no more than 50 new words and new stories are a combination of familiar and new vocabulary.

The stories are like mini plays with an average length of 5 minutes which make optimum use of the animation and avatar technology.  They are designed to be used over a number of repetitions and the content is designed to capture the interest of an average 10 year old boy or girl.

The materials can provide a stand-alone introduction to a new language or support traditional teaching and will help primary schools meet the new targets being introduced for the teaching of modern languages.


LinguaSign is currently available in four languages; French, Dutch, Portuguese and English. For enquiries about alternative languages please contact us.