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Languages made fun with Linguasign

About Us

LinguaSign is the result of a three year European collaboration which has resulted in the development of our unique software and range of modern Language teaching materials.

If you are interested in using the materials please visit our products page. If you are interested in working with Linguasign please  contact us.


Still from Linguasign

What Teachers think of LinguaSign

'Linguasign is an engaging and effective resource for teaching a new language. The animated stories are colourful and entertaining and deliver language learning in an innovative way. The spoken language is combined with hand actions and this kinaesthetic approach enhances children's ability to recall the spoken language. The children can immerse themselves in the stories and learn a new language almost effortlessly. The children in my class have really enjoyed using Linguasign in their language lessons and their language learning has been truly enhanced'.
C.S: non specialist language teacher of Year 6 at Hopton Primary, Gorleston

'My pupils have really enjoyed using Linguasign to improve their language skills. Every time we used the resource they were enthusiastic and keen to join in. The characters and the storyline proved to be a great hit; the children loved pretending to be Gling transporting into a different world and changing colours! I was amazed at how quickly and easily pupils of all abilities picked the language up and also how this newly acquired language was spontaneously used in other classroom situations such as answering the register. This is a great resource to use; it's fun, it's easy and it's pitched just right. Non specialist language teachers and experienced teachers alike will find Linguasign a welcome addition to their existing language teaching.'
H.K:Sprowston Junior School, Norwich



The partners that developed the Linguasign project are: